The Centre for Research and Innovation

The Centre for Research and Innovation at the Berliner Hochschule für Technik (BHT)

Strengthening the school’s research profile by developing interdisciplinary collaborative research units

In November 2019, the BHT founded the Centre for Research and Innovation (CRI) in order to strengthen and advance its research and development activities. Within the research strategy, City of the Future, main research areas of the BHT shall be advanced and new areas shall be developed.

Towards this aim, the BHT strives to establish interdisciplinary collaborative research units under the umbrella of the Centre for Research and Innovation. Members of each of these research units collaborate on a joint scientific topic. This professional exchange and cooperation across disciplines will promote research at the BHT.

Supporting young scientists at the BHT

Cooperative doctoral studies at BHT are supported and promoted at the Centre for Research and Innovation (CRI). The number of doctoral students could be increased through the awarding of doctoral scholarships and the establishment as well as announcement of qualification positions for doctoral studies. The conditions for cooperative doctorates at the university are being further improved.

Under the umbrella of the CRI, supervision and counselling of young academics at the BHT of Applied Sciences are bundled. In the newly established doctoral office, Dr. Stefanie Blankenburg (Coordinator for Young Scientists) is responsible for the administrative and financial support of cooperative doctoral students at BHT. Doctoral students, those interested in doctoral studies and professors are advised in the doctoral office.

An internal doctoral college is currently being set up. In the future, doctoral students at BHT will have the opportunity to gain additional training and network across disciplines.