Gender- und Technik-Zentrum

The Gender and Technology Centre (GuTZ) is an institution of the Executive Board of Berliner Hochschule für Technik.

The GuTZ focus is to support the university management's goal of anchoring and implementing gender and diversity relevant measures and approaches at all levels of the university.

The tasks of the GuTZ include:

  • Increasing equal opportunities in studies and employment
  • Promotion of scientific careers
  • Institutionalisation of diversity- and gender-sensitive teaching and courses
  • Organisation, implementation and evaluation of projects in the thematic field "Gender/Diversity/Anti-Discrimination and Technology”
  • Implementation of research projects on the basis of third-party funding
  • Promotion of scientific cooperation in the Berlin/Brandenburg region and on an international level


Once per semester we publish a short newsletter with the latest informations from the GuTZ and the Berliner Hochschule für Technik as well as new job calls (for professorships) and workshops. The newsletter is in German only.

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General Contact

To contact the office or the individual project staff members, please visit our contact page.

You can also visit us on our social media channels for up-to-date information.