Research Focuses

Research at Berliner Hochschule für Technik (BHT) is geared towards developing the competence clusters (City of the Future) in the long term. At the present time the following areas of research focus have emerged:

Health research and technologies, humanoid robotics and biomimetics

Applications and methods in human-technology/machine interaction, diagnostics, therapy and technology-supported care; prevention and therapy through the use of mobile facilities, artificial intelligence, robotics, bionics and virtual reality; Data acquisition and processing in the healthcare sector.

Biotechnology, genetics and biochemistry

Methods and treatments for the technical utilisation of biological processes; use of enzymes, cells and organisms in technical applications for the development of new and efficient processes for the producation of energy, for the application in food technology as well as in medical science.

Data Science, AI and Communication Technologies

The research focus comprises all aspects of technology-based communication and data processing, ranging from the application of audio-visual media and computer engineering to geographical information systems; data mining and implementation of Artificial Intelligence for an explorative data analysis

Urban Technologies

Aspects of urban infrastructures such as sustainable construction planning, building technology, network technology, energy production and storage, climate protection (e.g. emissions abatement, Smart Grids), electromobility, facility management, protection of waters and urban open space management.