Recognition of Credits

Recognition of credits and skills acquired outside of the university

Detailed information can be found on the pages for the different types of process. Please note that certain conditions differ between the processes.

FAQs Application for recognition/consideration of credits

Compare the modules for which you have already earned credits with the module handbook for your (intended) degree programme. Ask yourself if there are any substantial differences in the learning content and whether or not you would like to attend these courses at Beuth University of Applied Sciences. We recommend applying for recognition of credits only if you can answer “no” to these two questions.

Please submit your application as early as possible, but within one year. This deadline is set down by the Framework Study and Examination Regulations (RSPO).

The submitted documentation must contain all relevant information (name of the module and courses, description of the acquired skills, number of credit points earned, information about the examination and grade, etc.). Incomplete applications will be rejected.

For applications we usually require a “Transcript of Records” or equivalent document (certified copy), the module descriptions of completed modules (simple copy) and descriptions of the courses attended (simple copy).

If you are applying for consideration of skills acquired outside of university, then your application must be submitted with sufficiently detailed documentation. Depending on the skills acquired, this may include references or certificates (certified copies) as well as detailed information such as curriculums from vocational schools, transcripts, information about educational institutions, etc. (simple copies in all cases). Please note that a grading test to verify acquired skills may be required.

Please do not submit any original documents or certificates, as these must be retained and cannot be returned. You can submit simple copies of these documents provided that you present the original to the Studien-Info-Service when submitting your application.

You should always do this if you have no yet earned the “external” credits, e.g. if going on an exchange visit abroad. In all other cases it is still worth contacting the relevant person responsible for credit recognition for advice. Some will be prepared to offer advice.

There is currently no central list covering the whole university. You may be able to find the name of the person responsible on the website for your degree programme. Otherwise, please ask the Studien-Info-Service or enquire at the Dean’s Office of your faculty.

This is unfortunately not possible. We require a signed original copy of your application. You are welcome to send this to us by post or submit it in person at the Studien-Info-Service.

Recognition of credits when changing between universities

If you would like to change to the Beuth University of Applied Science, you can apply for recognition of your credits earned at other universities in Germany or abroad.


Recognition of credits from visits to other universities

If you spent time at a university abroad during your studies or took individual courses at another German university while studying at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences, you may apply for recognition of any credits earned.


Recognition of Beuth credits

If you change degree programme while studying at Beuth University of Applied Sciences, re-enrol at the university, or there was a change of conditions of your studies or examinations, an official decision will be made regarding recognition of all credits earned up to that point. You can also apply for recognition of credits that you have earned from other degree programmes at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences.


Recognition of skills acquired outside of university

If you have acquired relevant skills outside of university before commencing your studies at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences (e.g. vocational training, vocational academies, via MOOCs, etc.), you may apply for these to be recognised.