Getting around Berlin

Using Public Transport in Berlin

When arriving to Berlin, one of the first things you will encounter is our public transport system, BVG. On this page we will inform you about how to get around Berlin using BVG among other modes of transport. 

BVG is the central public transport company in Berlin, and once you have your student card, you will be able to travel for free in all three zones of the city (A, B and C). To get around Berlin, you can use the S-bahn (the overground train), U-bahn (the underground train), the regional trains (within the confines of Berlins zones), trams and busses.

Before getting your student card, you will have to pay for tickets, which you can do on the stations or on the BVG Ticket app.

If you pay for a ticket in the machine at the station, it is very important to remember to validate it, by stamping it in one of the red boxes.

Getting from the airport to the student accommodation

If you are going to be staying at the student accommodation at Franz Mehring Platz you can take any of the FEX or RE trains that stop at Ostbahnhof and the S9 train to get to your new home. Trains from the airport run frequently and cost 3.80 euros for all three public transport zones. Alternatively, cou can order a taxi.


Renting bikes 

If you are a cyclist at heart, Berlin is the perfect city for you. With the city originally being a swamp, we have very few hills, which results in a very comfortable bike ride through the city. There are several ways to get a bike in Berlin. You can rent a bike from a wide variety of companies for the duration of your stay in Berlin.

Buying a used bike

Sometimes, it's nicer to have your own bike, while you explore the city. You can buy a used bike on from various used bike shops around the city or online marketplace platforms.

Bike routes and tours to take around Berlin

There are many places in Berlin, which can be explored by bike, and we recommend doing so. Here you can find some of the most beautiful bike routes in and around the city.

Remember that in Berlin, it is mandated by law to ride your bike with proper lights on.

Renting a Car

It is also possible to rent a car to get around the city. You can either rent a car at a conventional car rental place, or you can rent one of the ride share cars via an app. Click here to see some examples of rideshare opportunities in Berlin. Berlin is relatively easy to drive in, for someone who is used to city driving, as it has very wide streets in most parts of the inner city. If you avoid rush hour, then traffic is relatively smooth, though watch out for the ever changing road works and diversions.